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Traffic Exchange Widgets – 2Leep v/s Wahoha & Sites Like 2Leep – UPDATED 2020

A webmaster looking for methods to augment and diversify the website traffic is sure to come across Traffic Exchange Widgets like Wahoha, Scribol, 2Leep and Crowd Ignite. Increasing visibility and page visits is something every webmaster wants to achieve. Covering search engine optimization for posts and pages, spidering and other traffic sources, are there other sources a webmaster can turn to? A traffic exchange service is one of the options.

Over the past few years, we have seen the presence of such services popping up and growing. Even if a site is getting an enormous amount of traffic, it still longs for more as more traffic means more clicks, more sales and more revenue.

Traffic Exchange Widgets allow building initial audience by placing ads type widgets across pages displaying interesting, relevant content and attracting clicks. This would send traffic to other sites, delivering 150 to 200 percent return in traffic for bloggers and webmasters.

This widget based network system performed well because users were not compelled to visit any website. They clicked on the ad only because it appealed to them and they wanted to learn more about it. This system ensured equal opportunities to different types of content and did not allow domination by publishers and bloggers.

Traffic Exchange Widgets – Getting Started

While digital marketing methods like social media advertising and SEO are complex, traffic exchange is a pretty simple and straightforward strategy to attract traffic to your website. You just need to register for one of the Traffic Exchange networks that don’t have any strict criteria though some need manual approval to get started. 
Once approved, you can place their widgets on your website to start benefitting from it. There is no limitation to the number of widgets or their placement and you can decide to suit your goals for click-through rates and CTRs and use it to grow your traffic.

After registering for an account and getting the website approved, you can wait for some time to get a number of clicks before you can submit a post to get traffic in return. These networks can ensure 150% to 200% traffic within 72 hours. Moreover, visitors coming from these networks are usually casual browsers which means they are likely to visit another site from your content by clicking on the widget ads if they catch attention. In this way, it is possible to accumulate a lot of clicks through traffic exchange without much effort.

One drawback of this system, as one may assume, is the high bounce rates that most ad networks don’t favor. Hence, when setting up the system, you should make sure the website’s load time is speedy and its look and feel is engaging enough for visitors to stay for longer.

Another thing is that visitors coming from these networks, being casual surfers, are not much interested in research or purchase. Most of them just want to learn some new things and kill time without spending time and effort. This means your content should be presented in a way that readers can grasp the information you want to convey without spending a lot of time and energy. After all, nobody is interested in reading long-form, detailed articles.

Sites Like 2Leep

A few years back, it seemed that traffic exchange services like Wahoha, Scribol and 2Leep were equipped with everything that would help them rule over the world of digital marketing. According to the statistics of February 2011, Scribol received more than 25 million visitors while 2Leep got about 31 million. Today, however, these sites get only a fraction of these numbers and other networks like CrowdIgniter and Wahoha do not exist.

It is difficult to justify what led to the downfall of such sites and a little information is available online about these services and the people behind them. However, a common theory says that they were not able to earn enough to meet the bandwidth costs, leading to the shutdown of a few of the networks while others chose to scale down the operations.

2Leep continues operating in this niche though it has a little popularity as compared to the past. A lot of sites still use this network to get their traffic with a promising return ratio of 2x for the traffic websites send towards the network.

In addition to 2Leep, there are numerous websites based on a similar concept worth trying for those who want to maximize their traffic.

EngageYa – This is a professional native ad widget intended to help you reach a wider audience and increase the website visibility by displaying relevant articles in the form of a widget. It follows a straightforward process and there are no strict criteria to get approval.

EngageYa is a pretty small network but is growing fast and while it may not make much difference to large sites, it can bring a considerable amount of traffic to small-scale websites and blog posts.

This service makes installation and customization of the widget simple and painless with a WordPress plugin. It can, in fact, let you create an account and position a widget on your website within five minutes. 
ZergNet – One of the most popular sites in the niche, ZergNet provides high-quality content and traffic and it is one of the few networks that use such a model for traffic exchange at this time. Presently, they serve more than 100 million visitors to registered websites per day. Some of the most popular sites collaborating with them include RollingStone, and Uproxx. 
The only problem with this service is the detailed, complex, tedious approval process. They don’t allow joining the network with anything, you have to own something meeting the likes of their listed publications to be eligible.

Hexagram – An entirely new network with a fantastic look and feel, Hexagram features an intuitive interface and makes the use easy and straightforward. As compared to other traffic exchange networks, this service is simple and professional with superior-quality articles from lifestyle and business niches to appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Being a brand new service, there is no much information available about Hexagram and it has done little for promotion but looking at the quality it offers, we can definitely expect big things from it.

Traffic Exchange Widgets -Over to Readers

Widget-based traffic exchange’ services are certainly one of the simplest and the most efficient ways to grow the audience and it is really disturbing that the concept could not succeed in taking over the content marketing industry. It is more surprising to see that the services disappeared over the years despite receiving millions of visitors every month.

Many bloggers and webmasters still trust traffic exchange networks and expect their resurgence. If you too are willing to take advantage of these networks to increase your traffic, this is the right time to get started.

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